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Belgrade sightseeing


You are free to make up your own route or use one of our route suggestions below in order to make the best of your sailing hours!


2 hours routes

– City from the river

Cruise includes sightseeing of Belgrade and Zemun from the river. Sava bridges, Belgrade Waterfront, Kalemengdan, Ratno ostrvo, Gardos are some of the landmarks on this tour.

–City and nature

Cruise includes sightseeing of Belgrade, Ada and Ada Medjica. This tour is more nature oriented, although plenty of landmarks along the way (Sava bridges, Belgrade Waterfront, Kalemegdan)


3 hours route

3 hours route combines the  ‘City from the river’ route and ‘River nature’ route into one big pleasure on water.


Daily excursions (Great Escape)


– Swimming excursion

Bela stena, Grocka, Lido. Cool yourself down on the river and visit some of the nicest places to swim and enjoy the Danube river

– Archaeological Discovery

Visit of the Vinca site, one of the oldest archaelogical sites in Europe.