Boat rental

Tel:+381 62 135-89-84


The boats can be rented for two, three hours, four hours or a full day. Booking in advance is recommended. For same-day boat rental, please contact by phone (+381 62 135-89-84).

Cruises depart from and arrive at DveRekeCafé Bar at LiderKlub Marina(ex Gemax jedrilicarski klub).


DveReke Café Bar

Address: Savskinasip bb, Belgrade; at LiderKlub Marina(ex Gemax jedrilicarski klub)

Phone: +381 62 135-89-84

Business Hours: 10am – 11pm daily

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Getting there

By taxi: DveReke is a 15-minute cab ride from the centre of Belgrade. This is usually faster and more convenient than public transport,and only slightly more expensive if three or four people share the same cab

By car: Parking is available

By public transport: Trams 7, 9, 11, and 13, and buses 85, 89, and 95 stop on JurijaGagarina (10-minute walk)

–Biking: DveReke is a 20 minute bike ride from the city centre.